About me

About me

Above: presenting single-type se- mantics at the 13th International Symposium of Cognition, Logic, & Communication (Riga, Dec. 2018)

I am a postdoctoral researcher in Ede Zimmermann’s Koselleck project  Propositionalism in Linguistic Semantics at Goethe University Frankfurt. I received a PhD in philosophy from the Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science (the Netherlands) in 2014.


My research lies in the intersection of philosophy of language, formal semantics/pragmatics, and logic.

In particular, I am working on a formal, empirically motivated account of how lexical meaning, communi-cative context, and agents' information interact in the determination of attitude content. This account addresses core issues at the philosophical interface of information and communication, e.g. intensionality, compositionality, and aboutness.


I have previously worked on the type-theoretic found-ations of formal semantics. I have recently developed an interest in computable interpretation and in the semantics of imagination and depiction reports.

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05/01/2020: On May 12, I will give a talk on depiction reports in U Göttingen's Oberseminar English Linguistics


03/08/2020: My paper Two Types of English Non-Manner 'how'-Clauses has been invited for a volume on Non-Interrogative Subordinate wh-Clauses (ed. C. Umbach and L. Jedrzejowski)

02/20/2020: My paper Reasoning with an (Experiential) Attitude has been accepted in a volume of the series New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence

11/12/2019: I joined the program committee of Logic & Engineering of Natural Language Semantics (LENLS)

09/07/2019: Ede Zimmermann and I will be teaching a course on Propositionalism at ESSLLI 2021!




λx(x@lingua.uni-frankfurt.de) (Liefke)


Phone (office):

+49 (0)69 798 32052

Mailing Address:

Dr. Kristina Liefke

Institute for Linguistics

Goethe University Frankfurt

Norbert Wollheim Platz 1

60323 Frankfurt am Main


Office address:

Room IG 6.255

Norbert Wollheim Platz 1

60323 Frankfurt am Main



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